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EPIC stands for Electronic Profile Information Center.

EPIC is a secure online platform that keeps track of all of our client activities and past profiles. As an authorized distributor for over fifteen years, we help our clients to send and manage epic credits and profiles.

Purchase EPIC credits from the Alice Dendinger Alliance Group for your EPIC Account and they become the currency used for paying for reports in the EPIC system.

Benefits of EPIC

EPIC give you more control over your reports. Manage your own EPIC Account or let the Alice Dendinger Alliance group manage your EPIC Account for you.

Control and flexibility

  • Everything DiSC® and DiSC Classic profiles, as group reports, and free comparison reports are available in the account.
  • View, print or email any report generated in EPIC.
  • Decide who can review reports.
  • Organize your reports by division, department, training date or any other criteria you find useful by using EPIC’s folders and sub-folders.
  • Your EPIC Account is secure and your clients’ privacy is assured.

Enhanced reports

  • Facilitator and group reports can be generated after group members have taken individual online assessments.
  • Free Comparison Reports (Everything DiSC products only) – for use with co-workers, couples, managing partners, etc.
  • Free Team View Reports (Everything DiSC products only) – a snapshot of all participants styles.
  • Get access to new profiles and reports – new reports and profiles are constantly being updated. Always have the most up to date products.

Branding and customization

  • Add your company logo & information to each report cover and respondent splash page.
  • Add personalized comments to email when sending out access codes.

Do I need an EPIC Account?

We recommend an EPIC Account if:

  • you have an ongoing need for profiles and reports
  • you have a large number of people (10+) taking assessments

We can help

The Alice Dendinger Alliance Group group can help you to set up and manage your EPIC account. Let us use our over fifteen years of experience as an EPIC distributor to support and guide you.

We can work with your internal EPIC Administrator so that your organization can conveniently manage and facilitate all DiSC activities in your company.

Manage your own EPIC Account

This option provides you with maximum control. An EPIC Account is the most efficient way to administer and track all of your organization’s assessments. Easily control who sees and receives which assessments and reports. Administer access codes for online assessments, monitor report completion, and manage and print profile reports—from anywhere in the world.

When you manage your own EPIC Account you can:

  • View, print and/or email completed reports to your clients or others
  • Get account activity reports (product sales, pending credits, account history)
  • Set up and maintain folders for your own organization
  • Have up to 5 client sub accounts under your primary account
  • Easily view credits charged per report
  • Access easy to follow online tutorials so you”ll always know how to get the most from your EPIC Virtual Warehouse
  • Create generic sample reports that you can send to your clients or prospects
  • View archived individual and group reports from your own private online account.
  • You will have a unique, private username and password that allows you (and those you authorize) to access your account.

EPIC Credits

EPIC Credits are the currency you will use to pay for all of your profile needs and reports within your own organizational EPIC Account.

Each report in the EPIC system is assigned a credit value. You purchase the number of credits you need for the profiles you plan to use. EPIC Credits are deducted from the supply of credits in your account when access codes are assigned to participants.

EPIC Credits can be used for any EPIC report, any time. These EPIC Credits never expire. Order a few extra credits and be ready for a later program or a new hire.

Need EPIC Credits?

Buy EPIC Credits from the Alice Dendinger Alliance Group.

How do I login to my EPIC Account?

Many people bookmark this EPIC login page (https://admin.inscape-epic.com/login.aspx).


Quantity discounts available for purchases of 250 credits or more. Contact Alice Dendinger for credit quantity discounts when purchasing 250 or more credits.