DiSC Certification by ADAG

Get the most out of your DiSC profiles. As an authorized Everything DiSC® partner, the Alice Dendinger Alliance group is your go-to source for Everything DiSC training and certification. Becoming certified in DiSC has a number of advantages including adding a new competency that will enhance the value of your organizational development and training initiatives.

DISC Certification by Alice Dendinger Alliance Group provides trainers with an in-depth training on the theory and practice of DiSC, giving you more skills and confidence when leading your own DISC programs in a facilitation, training, or consulting setting. In addition, you will gain expert’s do’s, don’ts, and lessons learned over the course of 20 years.

Participants will:

  • Learn where the DiSC model comes from
  • Learn & understand how to interpret the DiSC profile
  • Explore the many DiSC solutions in an effort to determine which application is right for your specific organizational or employee needs
  • Learn about the personal style of others and how they can adapt their natural approach to communication in order to meet the needs of other styles.
  • Understand their motivators and stressors and those of other styles
  • Obtain strategies to increase effectiveness when working with other styles in an effort to build more effective relationships.

Prior to the engagement, all participants will need to complete an Everything DiSC Workplace Profile, administered by the Alice Dendinger Alliance Group.

Training facilitation and the course materials include:

  • Binder with samples of all profiles with the Wiley & Everything DiSC suite of products.
  • Comprehensive workbook and additional handouts
  • Training customized to learner’s needs and skill level

After the facilitation sessions, the results are integrated into a solid action plan. The Alice Dendinger Alliance Group provides continued support to make sure new individual and team behaviors are supported by proper organization and HR systems.

As part of your investment in certification with the Alice Dendinger Alliance Group, your fee includes an EPIC subaccount at no additional cost. The Alice Dendinger Alliance Group will help you understand how to harness the power of Everything DiSC and other Wiley products to meet the needs of individuals and teams within your organization or client group. When you bundle DiSC Certification by ADAG with Wiley’s online or in-person program, discounts will apply.

Contact the Alice Dendinger Alliance Group today and let us help you get the most our of your DiSC products.

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