Having your own DiSC® account is perfect if you:

  • want the power of brand recognition and easy repeat sales by placing your logo and contact information on each and every assessment you use
  • want to order and access reports whenever you want them – having complete administrative control without having to go through me
  • want to track who has, and has not, completed their assessments – with the ability to send reminders directly from within your account
  • plan to use DiSC® reports more than a couple of times
  • want to use DiSC® on an on-going basis.

Your DiSC® Account, referred to as an EPIC* Account, is a web based Online Assessment Delivery System.

*EPIC stands for Electronic Profile Information Center.

Your DiSC® EPIC Account will save you time – no waiting for orders to be filled or waiting to hear if someone has completed their assessment. You will have complete control and access to all the necessary information.

Your DiSC® EPIC Account builds your credibility by providing a professional, proven product, branded with your logo and contact information.

Your DiSC® EPIC Account is convenient. You can conduct business on your time, 24/7, and can issue assessments from anywhere – all you need is a computer connected to the internet.

Your DiSC® EPIC Account reduces your stress through automation, tutorials and technical support, and 100% control.

Your DiSC® EPIC Account is easy to use. If you can point and click, you can use your DiSC® EPIC Account like a pro.

Your DiSC® EPIC Account expands your offerings by building group reports from stored data, generating new group reports as staff change, and providing unique reports not available in paper assessments. Plus, new Profiles and Reports are constantly being added or updated. You will have access to all new products and updates!

Your DiSC® EPIC Account increases your sales by creating generic sample reports you can send to your clients or prospects.

Your DiSC® EPIC Account is secure and your clients’ privacy is assured. You will have a unique, private username and password that allows you (and those you authorize) to access your account.


How does it work?

Very easily. 🙂

Just 3 simple steps – 2 are for you, 1 is for me:

  1. Place your order for your own DiSC® EPIC Account. (you)
  2. Activate – I activate your account and email your log in information (me)
  3. Start using DiSC® Assessments! (you)

Like I said…very easy.

But don’t worry…once you get started you aren’t on your own. There are plenty of resources and support to help you:

  • Create a new report
  • Issue access codes to your clients
  • Edit existing reports
  • Resend login information to clients who have misplaced or cannot find the original
  • View, print and/or email completed reports to your clients or others
  • Get account activity reports (product sales, pending credits, account history)
  • Set up and maintain folders for your own organization
  • Have up to 5 client sub accounts under your primary account
  • Easily view credits charged per report
  • Easily update your logo or contact info should it change
  • Access easy to follow online tutorials so you”ll always know how to get the most from your EPIC Virtual Warehouse
  • Create generic sample reports that you can send to your clients or prospects to increase sales.

For technical support, or whenever you have a question regarding your EPIC Account, you can:

  • View the video tutorials and FAQ’s inside your EPIC Account (under the “help” tab), or
  • Call Inscape Technical Support at 800-653-DISC.

For training and consulting help, such as:

  • Which report(s) to choose/use for the results that you want
  • How to price your assessments and services
  • Identifying the right training materials
  • Creating, or taking, Train the Trainer programs
  • How to achieve your DiSC® Certification (link here to that page).

Simply contact us today for more information.