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Tools for HR Professionals.

Without a doubt, personnel issues are some of the biggest time consumers for managers and HR professionals alike. And usually the issues are rooted in behavior and communication – and whether communication works or not is usually a factor of behavior.

  • You know that having a common, nonjudgmental language for talking about employee behavior is critical for putting all parties at ease and creating an opening for change.
  • You know that motivating employees has a direct impact on productivity and the bottom line, but that managers don’t always know how to motivate people, or adapt their motivational techniques to different behavioral or personality styles of their direct reports.
  • You want to help your organization keep the talent you have, reducing turnover, and hiring/training costs.
  • From experience, you know that using the wrong assessments or training can do more harm than good…not providing the right support to those who need it, and making your department look bad in the process.
  • And ultimately, you know you need to provide proven, effective training that gets results – all while staying within a dwindling budget.