In 1992, I was the HR Manager for a research and development facility in Austin, Texas. I can’t even recall how I met the DiSC Ninja – maybe like the stealth Ninja – she just appeared!! The woman and creator behind DiSC Ninja is Alicia Smith. In 1992, Alicia became my company’s consultant in all things related to DiSC. Since then, I also consider Alicia to be one of my closest friends and mentor. Without Alicia’s constant encouragement, information and guidance, I would not have launched my own business in 2002. She helped me select my “go to Alice” image on one sunny spring afternoon in 2001.

So, it was a natural transition for me in 2012 to assume the DiSC Ninja website when Alicia made the decision to retire her DiSC Ninja persona. But like many Ninja’s – the reputation and “brand” so successfully built by Alicia will continue to live on. Like Alicia, I commit to maintaining a standard of great service to others who call me for information and support with DiSC training and products. I know all will agree that Alicia has built quite a legacy around the DiSC Ninja and she will continue to be a resource to me as my wise friend and mentor.

With reverence and gratitude,

Alice Dendinger, SPHR


About Alice Dendinger, SPHR

Alice Dendinger, SPHR has over 30 years of experience in the field of Human Resource Management and Organizational Development. Alice has demonstrated success at linking HR initiatives and programs to the overall business mission and goals of an organization thus creating a positive impact to the overall bottom line. She is often called upon to “transform the organizational culture.” Alice has focused her work on strategic management, organizational development, employee relations and communication, mediation and conflict resolution, performance management; and assisting the leaders, managers, supervisors, and direct reports at every level to “work better together.” For the past ten years, she has led the Alice Dendinger Alliance Group providing HR Consulting, Coaching and Mediation services.

Alice has had experience with every instrument provided by Inscape – the provider of DiSC profiles. She is adept at using DiSC products as a tool in every aspect of her business.

Alice has an undergraduate degree in Business Management and a Masters in Communication. Additional education/certifications include: Coach University graduate, Certified Mediator, DiSC Behavioral Analyst, Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI), and Future Search Strategic Planning Facilitator. Alice has continued education in organizational development, strategic planning, communication, group facilitation, conflict management, team development, interpersonal skills, leadership development and 360° assessments.

You may contact Alice in Austin, Texas at 512-835-1343 or Visit her websites at or